Writers Write

Stone Arch

The morning air anticipates my thoughts
The morning sun anticipates my needs
The morning dew anticipates a lot
Like my feet, joyfully kicking the beads
Ahead, the stone arch bridge spans the river
Reflected in the morning haze, it wants
Someone to cross it, and to deliver
It’s purpose, and so across it I jaunt
My thoughts are free, of music and humor
I skip and dance, my mind unencumbered
The passerbys watch, and then they rumor
My days of sanity might be numbered
To them I say, live life with joy and love
And haters all, off the bridge I should shove



I walk through my life, a heavy heart
is beating with a loneliness born
from trauma caused from being torn apart
when fear and fighting made our long love worn.
As time ticks by, and age creeps past, I mourn
the loss of connection, of knowing you
and laughter as banter plays, of words sworn
until not, our lives now ours to get through.
As time ticked by, and age creeped past, I knew
that mourning was then, and healing is now
regret still lingered, resentment withdrew
and to myself I make a solemn vow.
With life unsparing, I remember that
I will always have the love of my cat.